Remnants of Estar

Game 7 (book 3)

Not a very good day

Jared’s Table: Assault on Hogwarts part III

Having attacked the magic school no less than three times in the space of a week, we reckoned that the last thing they would possibly expect was yet another frontal assault. It turns out that this was exactly what they were expecting. We were on our way back to the school to try to capture the headmaster of divination, when we were (shockingly!) attacked by demons.

The first such attack was by a moth demon and her 50 foot tall fire tornado associate. The second was by a cadre of Vrocks. Before the day was over, we had lost our elven magus ally (i.e. the only person well acquainted with the inside of the magic school). The prevailing theory is that the diviner was scrying on him and sending improbably powerful demons to kill us.

With his go-to scrying target dead, the diviner switched to King Ray. He (or possibly she I suppose) sent a squad of babu assassins to our safe house. Brolo, frustrated with the near constant demon attacks and the tactically unsound combat environment, decided to take a walk. King Ray and [Dyllon’s Inquisitor] decided to stay and fight six demons in an enclosed space, but fortunately a random paladin showed up and saved them.


Lost_Leader Moshpitato

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