Remnants of Estar

Game 6 (book 3)

Oye punta! You touch kids, Brolo touches you!

Jared’s Table: Assault on Hogwarts part II

We decided that our best strategy for taking down the elven school of magic was to try to take on the headmasters one at a time. We learned that they occasionally travel to one of the nearby towns to purchase new slaves. The first assault may have depleted their bodyguard supply somewhat, so we waited in town to see if one of our targets would show up. We only had to wait a day before one of the headmasters and his entourage came in to town.

It turned out to be the head of the enchantment school, a well known “Friend of Dorothy”. We caught up with him as he was “inspecting” new candidates. When several young children were brought out for his perusal, Brolo was forced to act. For you see, Brolo is a friend to all children. And to those who do bad things to children, Brolo is a 300 pound bacon-wrapped pain sandwich with an extra side of crush-your-skull sauce.

Brolo jumped onto the slave-selling-stage (not sure if there’s a word for that) and choked out the skinny pedo-elf. Unbeknownst to Brolo, the elf had an invisible demon bodyguard. King Ray, however, was well aware of this and lay down a King-sized mind thwumping on her. Elros’ arrows took down some of the headmaster’s apprentices (and may have also exploded a head or two), and in the end, none escaped.

In the wake of their somewhat surprisingly successful plan, we decided to try something bold. We set up a hit-and-fade strategy on the front gate of the magic school to see if we could take out some of the demonic defenders from a safe distance. The defenders ended up being hound demons who (like most demons) could teleport at will. Thus our plan of “fire arrows at them while they try to close in on us” devolved quickly into “run away and hide in town”.

The hound demons, and some of their masters, followed us into town and began searching for us. Eventually we were cornered and had to fight. The battle went slightly less well than the fight with the headmaster, but when it was done we realized we might have an opportunity. With so many of the hound demons destroyed, the front gate might be relatively unguarded. We returned to the school, and were confronted with what appeared to be three of the headmasters and their demon bodyguards. We considered trying to fight them, but thought better of it and retreated.


Lost_Leader Moshpitato

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