Remnants of Estar

Game 7 (book 3)
Not a very good day

Jared’s Table: Assault on Hogwarts part III

Having attacked the magic school no less than three times in the space of a week, we reckoned that the last thing they would possibly expect was yet another frontal assault. It turns out that this was exactly what they were expecting. We were on our way back to the school to try to capture the headmaster of divination, when we were (shockingly!) attacked by demons.

The first such attack was by a moth demon and her 50 foot tall fire tornado associate. The second was by a cadre of Vrocks. Before the day was over, we had lost our elven magus ally (i.e. the only person well acquainted with the inside of the magic school). The prevailing theory is that the diviner was scrying on him and sending improbably powerful demons to kill us.

With his go-to scrying target dead, the diviner switched to King Ray. He (or possibly she I suppose) sent a squad of babu assassins to our safe house. Brolo, frustrated with the near constant demon attacks and the tactically unsound combat environment, decided to take a walk. King Ray and [Dyllon’s Inquisitor] decided to stay and fight six demons in an enclosed space, but fortunately a random paladin showed up and saved them.

Game 6 (book 3)
Oye punta! You touch kids, Brolo touches you!

Jared’s Table: Assault on Hogwarts part II

We decided that our best strategy for taking down the elven school of magic was to try to take on the headmasters one at a time. We learned that they occasionally travel to one of the nearby towns to purchase new slaves. The first assault may have depleted their bodyguard supply somewhat, so we waited in town to see if one of our targets would show up. We only had to wait a day before one of the headmasters and his entourage came in to town.

It turned out to be the head of the enchantment school, a well known “Friend of Dorothy”. We caught up with him as he was “inspecting” new candidates. When several young children were brought out for his perusal, Brolo was forced to act. For you see, Brolo is a friend to all children. And to those who do bad things to children, Brolo is a 300 pound bacon-wrapped pain sandwich with an extra side of crush-your-skull sauce.

Brolo jumped onto the slave-selling-stage (not sure if there’s a word for that) and choked out the skinny pedo-elf. Unbeknownst to Brolo, the elf had an invisible demon bodyguard. King Ray, however, was well aware of this and lay down a King-sized mind thwumping on her. Elros’ arrows took down some of the headmaster’s apprentices (and may have also exploded a head or two), and in the end, none escaped.

In the wake of their somewhat surprisingly successful plan, we decided to try something bold. We set up a hit-and-fade strategy on the front gate of the magic school to see if we could take out some of the demonic defenders from a safe distance. The defenders ended up being hound demons who (like most demons) could teleport at will. Thus our plan of “fire arrows at them while they try to close in on us” devolved quickly into “run away and hide in town”.

The hound demons, and some of their masters, followed us into town and began searching for us. Eventually we were cornered and had to fight. The battle went slightly less well than the fight with the headmaster, but when it was done we realized we might have an opportunity. With so many of the hound demons destroyed, the front gate might be relatively unguarded. We returned to the school, and were confronted with what appeared to be three of the headmasters and their demon bodyguards. We considered trying to fight them, but thought better of it and retreated.

Game 5 (book 3)
Some day I'll wrestle that Balor

Jared’s table: Find King Ray’s bodyguards
Andrew’s table: Assault on Hogwarts


At some point since King Ray’s arrival in the elven pocket plane, some of his bodyguards were captured and sold as slaves. Not one to leave a man behind, King Ray ordered us to go find and retrieve them. We did some detective work and found out that they had been bought by an elf know for his ‘creative’ flesh golems. Getting to his stronghold meant travelling between towns, which as it turns out is really dangerous.

We were attacked twice on the way, and by the time we got to Franken-elf’s house we were pretty sick of demons. Unfortunately for us, the fleshmaker appeared to specialize in making stuff out of demon parts. Among his creations is most of a Balor, which Brolo intends to wrestle. We managed to gain an audience with him without having to fight any of his patchwork pets, but there was another set-back. The two bodyguards had already been incorporated into one of the elf’s little craft projects. Their heads had been sewn on to spider demons.

Ara reckoned that she could reincarnate the bodyguards if we could get the right material components for the ritual, so we negotiated the purchase of the two spider-guards. We forgot to account for the fact that all elves in the pocket plane are evil dicks though. As we traveled to a nearby town to look for supplies we were bushwhacked by more demon-constructs, and our recent acquisitions tuned on us as well. We survived the assault and even managed to find enough supplies in the town to bring back both guards.

Game 4 (book 3)
Hey, where's King Ray?

The envoy of King Ray had enjoyed many successes in the north. However, it occurred to them that no one had heard from King Ray and his party in several months. They decided that this might be a problem, so they journeyed East (or possibly West, again there’s that issue with cardinal directions) to search for him.

Not long after leaving familiar territory, they came to an abandoned village. A strange plant was growing in the center of the town. It was evening, so the group decided to make camp. This, as it happened, had the unintended effect of solving the mystery of King Ray’s disappearance. When the party awoke, there was a bustling town going about its business all around them. Fortunately, they were quickly discovered by their lost colleagues, who whisked them off to a safe hideout.

Brolo’s team was brought up to speed on the situation. They were currently trapped in some sort of pocket dimension. The pocket plane was dominated by elves, who had all been corrupted by some kind of evil mojo. There were lots of humans here as well, but they were slaves to the elves. Also there were demons. King Ray and his team had been systematically capturing and de-mojifying the elves using tears of Pelor. The only down side to this strategy was after de-mojification, the elves basically had the minds of children. It also became evident that time was flowing differently in the demi-plane. For King Ray and his crew, only three days had passed, even though it had been more than three months since they disappeared.

It was decided that the two main priorities were to find a way out of the pocket plane, and to continue rescuing elves. The two teams were shuffled, and each squad went to pursue one of the goals. Brolo’s team went to the home of an elf witch. In an entirely unsurprising turn of events, the plan to capture her ended up being “walk in and fight everything in the house”. Because Lamos was such a whiny bitch about it, Brolo made sure not to kill any elves (even though they stabbed him many times). It was much much harder to resist killing the elf witch when it turned out she had developed a fondness for eating children. Lamos reminded Brolo that she was possessed by demon mojo, and her actions were not her own.

After the fight was over, the elves were de-mojified, and the party decided to use the witch’s house as a base of operations.

Game 3 (book 3)
The only good orc is a(n) (un)dead orc

Andrew’s table

With the Flayed Hand tribe vanquished, the envoy of King Ray was free to examine the orchish mine. They discovered that there was some sort of ectoplasmic goo underneath the ground that the orcs were trying to extract. Max the Peloran came to look at the goo and said that it had strong necromantic properties. Further research revealed that the local area had long been known to be haunted.

It also came to light that the chief’s son had fled the area during the battle. The son was most likely the main transgressor of raiding etiquette, and may even have been the one to start digging for ghost goo. The champions of King Ray set out to track him down and put his evil aspirations to an end.

The trail led to the territory of the Windlasher gnolls. Near the border of their lands, the champions encountered a group of Windlashers. The gnolls were willing to talk (though not exactly friendly) and revealed that the Chief’s son and his crew had bargained for passage through Windlasher territory. Brolo’s team traded some magic axes to the gnolls in exchange for safe passage and help tracking the orcs. As it turns out, the orcs had doubled back and left the Windlasher lands. They had taken refuge in a cave.

Brolo’s team tried to formulate a cautious and stealthy plan to infiltrate the caves, but their well-laid plans were disrupted by cheap-ass orc traps. Inevitably the strategy was simplified to “run in and kill everything”. When this plan was put into action, they soon encountered their first group of orcs. The orcs seemed to be in poor health, and the reason became clear as soon as the first one fell in combat. The slain orc immediately rose as an undead abomination. Eventually, the strike team managed to destroy the first squad of orc (twice). and moved on.

After a few twists and turns, the party found a chamber of orcs who all appears near death. In their desperation, it would appear that they began drinking the necro-goo. As usual, there are very few problems that cannot be solved by throwing fireball potions at them. The few orcs that were not incinerated were easy pickings.

The strike team reached the final chamber and found the orc Chief’s son. He and his inner circle had already begun their transformations into full-fledged undead. One orcish caster had removed its skin and was on its way to becoming a lich. The Chief’s son himself became some kind of incorporeal baddie. It was a long and difficult fight, and in the end it came down to Brolo and Elros against the lich. Elros saved Brolo a half a dozen times, allowing him to pound the lich to dust.

Game 2 (book 3)
52 minus one

Having helped the Rolling Thunder tribe with their problem, Brolo and his team went on to look for other ways to build goodwill among the northern tribes. They ventured further into the barbarian lands and met the Standing Oak people. Brolo and the barbarian chief Hamish became fast friends. Brolo asked how the envoy of King Ray could be of assistance, and Hamish spoke of an orcish tribe, the Flayed Hand, who had been violating raiding etiquette.

Brolo and Hamish agreed that the orcs should be crushed. The next day, Ara used her druid magic to shape-shift into a bird and spy on the orcs. She discovered that they were using captured slaves from rival tribes (including women) to dig a huge strip-mine. This was enough to convince the Standing Oak tribe to go to war.

King Ray’s diplomatic team decided it was best if there were no obvious involvement from their people, so they worked behind the scenes to garner support from local tribes. The Rolling Thunder, the Standing Oak, and the Wyvren’s Talons all agreed to join forces against the Flayed Hand. A small contingent of troops from Dourth also joined the fight, disguised as barbarians. Ara attempted to approach the Soaring Eagle tribe to see if they would help, but the spooky all-girl clan told her to get lost. No one asked the Ghost Face tribe to join, because fuck those guys.

Once the army was assembled, they struck the orc territory from all sides. Meanwhile, the champions drove straight to the heart of the fray and engaged the orc chief. For once, some strategy was employed ahead of time, and the strike team went in under a spell of invisibility. As soon as they located the chief, they champions unleashed a nuclear hellstorm, significantly weakening the chief’s entourage. The orc chief still had quite a bit of fight in him, and he was assisted by a shaman and a disturbingly effective archer. However, Ara took the form of a huge octopus and pummeled the orcs to death.

The rest of the battle went decidedly in favor of the anti-orc coalition. The Flayed Hand was scattered to the winds, and the slaves were freed.

Game 1 (Book 3)
Say no to drugs

Andrew’s table, as told by Brolo

With the kobold menace eliminated, the court of King Ray began to look for ways to spread the benevolence of good King Ray beyond the immediate area. King Ray, Lamos, Sandor, Max, and [Dyllon’s original character (Ka’Ruk?)] traveled East (or possibly West, Brolo is not great at cardinal directions) to find out why nobody ever comes back from that way. Brolo, Elros, Ara, and [Jesse’s Magus] decided to go North on a mission of peace to make contact with the barbarian tribes.

Brolo’s team started by asking around town to learn more about the barbarians before meeting them. As luck would have it, a young tribesman was in town seeking assistance. Seeing that this was the perfect opportunity to make inroads with the northern tribes, Brolo and his team agreed to help the boy.

After a few days of travel they reached the ancestral home of the Rolling Thunder tribe. The champions were eventually able to gain the trust of the tribesmen, and learn of the threat they faced. Something had been stealing their children in the night. Brolo is a friend to all children, and he swore to help the people get their kids back.

There were few leads as to what was stealing the children, but the prevailing theory was evil spirits. Now, Brolo does not know much about barbarian mysticism, but he does know that when you are dealing with spirits, you need to go on a dream quest. Brolo sat down in front of the fire and demanded all of the peyote that the tribesmen could bring him.

This is where things get a little fuzzy.

Before long, Brolo entered the spirit realm. With his inner eye open, he was able to see the evil spirits as they approached the camp later that night. Just as Brolo expected, the spirits were manifestations of death incarnate. Shrouded skeletal figures wielding scythes. Brolo knew that the only way to defeat death was with life, so he bit into his own flesh and let his life-force flow. Brolo’s companions were not as enlightened as Brolo, so they used more mundane means to battle death. Soon the manifestations were banished.

The other party members said something about following the spirits back to their point of origin, but Brolo knew that the real way to fight them was to descend into the underworld. Brolo bravely lead his group into the realm of the dead. After trekking through the afterlife for several hours (or possibly years), they finally reached hell. There in the center of a burning ring of fire was the devil himself. He was surrounded by the stolen children, who were locked in cages. The manifestations of death were there too, and they swooped down upon the champions.

Brolo, who is a hero to all children, wished to do great physical harm to the devil. Hurting children is the surest way to earn a one way ticket to paintown courtesy of the Brolo express. Brolo pinned the devil in an inverted cloverleaf leglock while his companions pounded death… to death. For some strange reason Brolo does not remember how the fight ended.

Having defeated the devil himself, Brolo cleverly returned to the realm of the living by appearing in the resurrection chamber below Keristol. He reunited with his party, who somehow had managed to return from the realm of the dead another way, and returned to the camp of the Rolling Thunder tribe.

And that is why Brolo say say no to drugs, children!

Game 8 (Book 2)
The Dragon's Eye

Though wounded and tired from the mighty battle against the kobold army, the court of King Ray charged into the kobold fortress. With the kobold forces in disarray, the champions had only Vol and his bodyguards to contend with. Unbeknownst (or perhaps beknownst, Brolo is not always up to date on these things) to us, Vol had allied himself with a green dragon. It also appeared that the kobolds were worshiping a giant emerald as if it were a god. Brolo astutely pointed out that this might be the same gem that was stolen from the giants. Well, Brolo thought it was astute at any rate.

Vol and his dragon ally pulled some evil magic mojo joined together (and not in the fun way that Brolo does with prostitutes). But they didn’t exactly join into one creature. They became two creatures with the powers of both Vol and the dragon. We will call them Vo-gan and Drol. The champions of Ray split into two teams and took on the composite baddies.

Now Vol may be a sniveling traitorous piece of goat offal, but he is not a fool. Knowing that Brolo’s mighty arms would crush him, he cleverly devised a method of… not being crushed. As soon as Brolo grabbed the massive scaly beast in a reverse double hairpin elbow lock, it burst into flame. Brolo is many things, but he is not fireproof. With his amazing wrestling powers neutralized, the battle began to turn against Brolo and his team.

Brolo’s team called for reinforcements from the other squad, and Max the Pelorian came to the rescue. However, even with the support of a healer, the fight was close. By the time the lizard-sandwich fell, most of Brolo’s team was either unconscious or dead. Eventually the other squad came over to find out why it had gotten so quiet, and everyone who could be revived was… revived (Brolo does not know another word for revived).

The court of ray collected the Dragon’s Eye, gathered their dead and the spoils of war, and returned home.

Game 7 (book 2)
Kobold War!

At last it is time to crush the treacherous Vol and his army of kobold puntas! The Valiant King Ray leads his army into the fields, and we his champions charge into the fray.

But the gods of war are fickle bitches. Despite our superior forces, the tide of battle turns against us. Many soldiers die horribly at the hands of tiny lizard… hands. Brolo is not good with synonyms.

The Council of Ray crushes many kobold lieutenants, and gives the human army the edge it needs to win the day. When the sun sets on the battlefield, the kobolds have retreated into their fortress. The council has a tough decision to make. Pull back and tend to our wounds so that we can assault the fortress at full strength, or press the advantage and charge in before the kobolds can regroup.

Game 6 (book 2)
A cold place

Andrew’s table (as told by Brolo)

Brolo is know world-wide as an electrifying entertainer. But did you know that Brolo is famous among the fey as well? It is true!

King Ray has negotiated a deal with the faeries to re-route some river or another. Apparently this is good for farmers. Brolo is happy to help, because Brolo is a hero of the common man.

The faerie queen want us to go to an ice place and beat up a different faerie. Sound simple enough, so it’s off to cold town. At one point Brolo wrestles a section of the wall that came to life an attacked us. It is not often that Borlo gets to wrestle architecture. This gives Brolo and idea for a show…

Maybe not.

Eventually we find a circle. Luckily someone knew that it was a special dancing circle and performed the special dance. This took us through some kind of faerie door. On the other side we found the faerie that we needed to beat up, and a beating was delivered.

And that is how Brolo became a hero to the fae.


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