Remnants of Estar

The ancient empire has fallen, after centuries of decline. The great drought twenty years ago hastened the final death throws, though the young Emperor Corraleus was able to hold onto the seat of power and still maintains a small central authority on Star Isle.

The sprawling lands once controlled by the empire spread over most of the central continent of Eiridos. In the past these lands were a bastion of strength and order, faith and honor. Now these sprawling landscapes are host to competing warlords, opportunistic mercenaries and bandits, would-be heroes, wandering adventurers, and hosts of humanoid tribes and savages.

Throughout it all are small pockets of civilization trying to hold off the encroaching chaos. There are ruins buried beneath what nature and war have claimed, still filled with the wonders of old, the wonders of a powerful, enlightened empire.

And so we have this new generation picking up the pieces of the past. New heroes and villains, fortune seekers and opportunists, honest folk just trying to get by and those who try to take advantage of the situation.